Learning Accelerator Workshop- An escalator for your career

A 2 Day experience designed to transform your learning for a positive paradigm shift in your work & life

"You can learn anything & forget nothing, just build the strengths which are needed"- at Learning Accelerator Workshop
"Take your work productivity to a new high, start achieving extraordinary result"- at Learning Accelerator Workshop
"Love what you do like never before, discover what you love doing"- at Learning Accelerator Workshop
Once you are with TechBuddy within our unique 'Classroom at the beginning of the Universe', we work very closely with you to stimulate each and every part of your body and brain with the help of our innovative simulation techniques, taking you through an experience that would not just make you the master of your own learning & success, but will change your life forever.

Next workshop dates are 4th-5th August in Jaipur and 11th-12th August in Delhi. You may attend the workshop only if you can promise yourself to sincerely dedicate a small time and best efforts towards improving your learning skills with the methods your learn during the workshop.

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