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Thread: Inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

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    Pdf 32 Inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

    What are we Talking About?

    Internals of Java Memory
    Spoken from a Java developer’s standpoint
    For other Java developers and system administrators


    Understanding the Java Memory Layout
    Out Of Memory Errors
    Garbage Collection Basics
    Java Tuning Options –Time Constraint
    Questions and Answers

    Storing Data in Memory

    Java runs as a single process
    Does not share memory with other processes
    Each process allocates memory
    We call this process heap
    Ways to allocate memory in a process
    C (malloc and free)
    C++ (new and delete)
    Java (new and dereference -> Garbage Collection)

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    Re: Inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

    this one is a good find

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