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Thread: Job or after

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    Job or after

    what to do after job or which is the better option?
    interested in doing job but sometimes feel like doing
    when do we have better job opportunities- after or

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    Re: Job or after

    great confusion!!!!!!!!!
    bt buddy you missed 1 option of MBA............

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    Re: Job or after

    Hi friend,

    If you have got good percentage in, you can take up a job. Otherwise, you can do and then later take up a job.

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    Re: Job or after

    From the perspective of job opportunities it does not matter whether you are a B Tech or an M Tech in most case. However, if you want to improve your CV in terms of where you have studied from, then you could go for an M Tech. What I am trying to convey is that if you did your B Tech from a not very highly rated college and you get a good score in GATE and get entrance to IIT like college then you could opt to go for M Tech and improve your job prospects.

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    Re: Job or after

    If you are financially strong and you have no need a job yet then must go for further studies like M. Tech or MBA otherwise you can do a job and complete you study through correspondence also. Best of luck!

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    Re: Job or after

    Hello Sandeep,

    In my opinion, if you are getting a good oppertunity you should go for job. Otherwise if you are financially strong and interested in Mtech you can prefer MTech.


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