Acoustics : The study of sound and sound waves

Aerodynamics : The study of forces acting upon bodies in motion in the air (e.g., aircraft, missiles, etc.)

Aeronautics : The study of all activities pertaining to aerial locomotion (art of flying)

Anatomy : The science of the structure of th e animal/human body learnt by dissection.

Anaesthesiology : A branch of medicine concerned with administration of anaesthetics and the condition of the patient while under anaesthesia.

Anthropology : The study of the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind.

Archaeology : A scientific study of the material remains of the past as evidence of manís life, culture and history.

Astrophysics : A branch of astronomy dealing with the physical nature of heav enly bodies.

Astronomy : The science of heavenly bodies (planets)

Bacteriology : A branch of microbiology dealing with bacteria

Biology : The science of living organisms; subdivided into Botany and Zoology

Biophysics : The physics of the vital processes of living organisms

Botany : The science of the plant kingdom

Cardiology : A branch of medicine dealing with the heart

Ceramics : The art of making objects from clay

Chemistry : The study of elements, their behaviour and laws of their combination, etc.

Cosmetology : The study of cosmetics and their use

Cosmology : The study of the universeóits origin, nature, structure and evolution

Cytopathology : The study of diseased cells

Dermatology : A branch of medicine dealing with skin

Dietetics : The science of diet and nutrition

Entomology : Deals with study of insects

Endocrinology : The study of glands

Genetics : A branch of biology dealing with heredity and the laws that govern it

Geology : A study of the chemical composition of the earthís crust

Gerontology : A branch medicine studying the ageing process, problems and diseases

Gynaecology : A branch of medicine dealing with female diseases of the reproduction system

Haematology : A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders

Hepatology : A branch of medicine dealing with liver

Horticulture : A branch of agricultural science dealing with flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Hydrology : The science of water with reference to its occurrence and properties in the hydrosphere and atmosphere

Hygiene : A branch of medicine dealing with health and its presevation

Immunology : A branch of medicine dealing with the immune system of the body

Neuropathology : A branch of medicine dealing with changes produced by diseases in the nervous system

Obstetrics : A branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy, labour and child birth

Oncology : A branch of medicine dealing with tumours

Ophthalmology : A branch of medicine dealing with eyes and related problems

Ornithology : The science of birds

Orthopaedics : A branch of medicine dealing with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skeletal system (bones)

Paediatrics : A branch of medicine dealing with child diseases (infants)

Pathology : A branch of medicine that deals with etiologies, mechanisms and manifestation of diseases

Physiology : A study of the life processes of various organs of living organisms

Psychiatry : The study and treatment of mental and emotional disorders

Radiology : A branch of medical science dealing with the use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment

Zoology : A branch of biology that deals with animal life