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Thread: Gate preparation

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    Gate preparation

    hi ,

    i am in final year of b.e civil . can anybody tell me how to prepare for gate?? i am really confused.

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    Re: gate preparation

    Always follow standard books for GATE. Try to cover complete syllabus. If not possible expertise in what ever portion of syllabus you practice.
    Try preparing notes after reading every chapter/topic. This may initially take some time but will help you while revising before paper.
    While reading any chapter/topic do ask your self following questions "What", "How", and "Why" and see improvement
    Remember that GATE exam is objective based,most of the time solving the problem is learn tips to track GATE from gate tutor.
    group study will be more helpful for GATE preparation.
    FOR PREPARATION YOU MAY USE:civil engineering by B.S.REDDY,CPWD civil engineering from G.K publication and many books on gate preparation

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    Re: gate preparation

    Generally any Entrance exam preparation will take 1 year time. Next year you can appear for exam. You need to concentrate on subjects mentioned in Gate syllabus for civilengineering.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Its easy dude... If u r really confused where to start.. its time to join in some good institue.. When attend these classes along with ur friends u will come to know
    about Gate and what all involved in its preparation ....
    And teaching there will be also useful to u..

    Good Luck

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Books From Nodia and ompany are very useful for Gate. These books have excellent problems with full solution.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    I am giving you some tips related to GATE.
    1>Always follow some books related to GATE.
    2>Study thrrowly all the chapters & try to prepare some notes.
    3>Keep yourself updated.Always check the recent syllabus & paer pattern
    Try to follow my tips & you will sure succeed in GATE EXAM.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    solve as many problems as many you can. Read standard books.

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