Download Traditional and Innovative Approaches in Seismic Design by Linda Giresini, Francesca Taddei, This special issue collects chosen papers about a wide array of innovative applications in earthquake engineering. The topics check with the investigation of traditional and innovative materials for earthquake engineering applications: masonry, reinforced concrete, steel, structural glass and timber. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


Experimental Tests on a Dowel-Type Timber Connection and Validation of Numerical Models

The TVT Glass Pavilion: Theoretical Study on a Highly Transparent Building Made with
Long-Spanned TVT Portals Braced with Hybrid Glass-Steel Panels

Effect of Material Variability and Mechanical Eccentricity on the Seismic Vulnerability
Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Seismic Reinforcement of a R.C. School Structure with Strength Irregularities throughout
External Bracing Walls

Analysis of Cylindrical Granular Material Silos under Seismic Excitation

Assessment Method for Combined Structural and Energy Retrofitting in Masonry Buildings

Rocking and Kinematic Approaches for Rigid Block Analysis of Masonry Walls: State of the
Art and Recent Developments

Strengthening Masonry Arches with Lime-Based Mortar Composite

Nonlinear Modelling of Curved Masonry Structures after Seismic Retrofit through FRP

Multi-Directional Seismic Assessment of Historical Masonry Buildings by Means of
Macro-Element Modelling: Application to a Building Damaged during the LAquila
Earthquake (Italy)