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Thread: Exam check list

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    Blog 32 Exam check list

    Exam Preparation Checklist

    The night before:

    • The night before get enough sleep and eat well
    • Check the time and place of the exam.
    • Check you have the equipment you need - pens, pencils, calculator, water etc.
    • Make sure you have your Student ID card!
    • Set your alarm clock to allow you plenty of time in the morning.
    • Decide what to wear. Be comfortable and wear layers in case the exam room is too hot or too cold.

    On the day:

    • Eat a good breakfast.
    • Check you have all you need for the exam before leaving home.
    • Arrive at the exam room in good time.
    • Get some fresh air on the way if possible.
    • Turn off your mobile phone.
    • Tak!e water to the exam room.

    Remember: last minute, late night revision will not help you
    In the exam room:

    • Check again that you have all you need. If you have forgotten something important - inform the invigilator.
    • Check you are comfortable.
    • If you have any problems let the invigilator know NOW.
    • Put your watch where you can see it.


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    Re: Exam check list

    This help a lot. I find site or blog about engineering tips how to prepare for an examination and bet this forum help me a lot. I always cramp and forgot to eat at the time of examination. I currently on training and this week is my examination for HAZOP. Hope your tips help me on this. I rely to your words..Wish me luck and Thanks again.

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    Re: Exam check list

    Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.

    Have a nice time ahead.


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    Re: Exam check list

    thankyou so much for this list

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