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Thread: Gate 2013

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    Gate 2013

    i m studying in ec final year . which books would be helpful for the self study. please suggest some gate study material books.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    R K Kanodia I think will be helpful.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    hai prepare text books is better

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    Re: Gate 2013

    follow boylsted for EDC, ANAND KUMAR FOR CONTROL SYSTEM Engg,

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    Re: Gate 2013

    sir eee final year . which books are helpful our studies

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    Re: Gate 2013

    Go for schaum series for better understanding. This also helps a lot if you are preparing for entrance exams. All the best.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    RK kanodi's books are better than schaum series. kanodia book has more variety question. book provide clear explanation of every problems. I strongly recommend to read RK kanodia GATE CLOUD series for electronics and electrical engineering.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    There r some errors in kanoria n little bit cnfusing matter.. u may go for dis otherwise study all standard books like boylsted, sadiku, canady, neimen etc etc.. they r much better. By d way a lot of study material u will find on FAADOO ENGINEERS website. so i recommended this one..

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    Re: Gate 2013

    The usefulness of rk kanodia book is beyond any doubt. there may be some mistake in the book. But book has full solution, so we can rectify the errors. The new series by RK Kanodia ( GATE CLOUD ) has very few error. I will recommend GATE CLOUD for every subject.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    every question has a new method, even similar type question havin diffrent solving method in kanoria. hw much formulas n tricks u'll learn.. m already gate qualified candidate. thts y was suggesting u for standard buks, easy to learn n remember without any cnfusn n error. last year ece question r taken from neiman n boylsted kinda buks, u can check tht.. or its all up to u frm where u want to prepare.. ok

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    Re: Gate 2013

    There is no doubt that kanodia book is must have for every gate aspirant. As far as Standard books are concern, they dont have substitute. Kanodia book is not the substitute of standard book. For gate you require practice and practice for problem. From standard book you can learn concept but for practice there is no good book except kanodia books. Standard book does not contain solved problems which we need to practice. These books have only lot of unsolved question. It is the only kanodia book that provide solved question with lot of variety.
    You must learn the concept from standard text book then do practice from kanodia book. In first attempt in GATE i read only standard books but after reading a lot i was not able to solve problems. But in second attempt i solved only kanodia. I was able to solve problems. i got 18th rank in gate 2012.
    I strongly recommend kanodia book for every gate aspirants.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    i am agree with ronak. We must read from standard text books and do problem practice from rk kanodia books.
    Standard text books are not substitute of kanodia books.
    kanodia book is also not substitute of stnadard books

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    Re: Gate 2013

    Thn what i m saying dude.. until studying standrd books if u go for kanodia. u'll be cnfused, even cant solve second problm after first. Do the prblms from kanodia but use ur own concept (Standrd buk concept), not kanodia buk's... now u got me..

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    Re: Gate 2013

    give equal prefrence to both std. books n kanodia. m also preparaing for gate.

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