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Thread: ECE simple projects...

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    Information ECE simple projects...

    hi guys
    i want to work on ece projects , so i can learn more regarding my subjects
    if anybody has an idea how to start projects in ece ie.., any simple basic projects or any books that can help me
    please do advice..

    i am currently pursuing my btech second year- ece branch

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    Re: advice

    Always go for unique project,for this refer the books on google for your project related topic and go for study in deep,that's good idea o my opinion...................

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    Re: ECE simple projects...

    i mean i have no idea on projects what are the basic projects to start up on? i have no clear idea on topic

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    Re: ECE simple projects...

    better try with the mini projects which already are in existence and they later try to implement them or modify them

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    Re: ECE simple projects...

    brother go to www[dot]electronicsforu[dot]com
    isse better koi place nhi hain
    sab kuch mil jayega
    and ho sake to ek breadboard kharid le

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