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Thread: UML PDF Ebook - UML Lecture Notes - UML Semester

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    Pdf 32 UML PDF Ebook - UML Lecture Notes - UML Semester

    UML Ebook PDF Preview--

    • UML stands for Unified Modeling Language
    • The UML combines the best of the best from

    Data Modeling concepts (Entity Relationship Diagrams)
    Business Modeling (work flow)
    Object Modeling
    Component Modeling

    • The UML is the standard language for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system.
    • It can be used with all processes, throughout the development life cycle, and across different implementation technologies

    Please find the complete UML Ebook and UML Lecture notes attached.

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    Re: UML PDF Ebook - UML Lecture Notes - UML Semester

    thanks...i think its very useful for everyone

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