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Thread: Project for final year ec students

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    Doc 32 Project for final year ec students

    gps based vehicale monitoring system

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    Re: Project for final year ec students

    We are doing final year projects with 100% customer satisfaction.
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    5)Electronic Watch dog to intimate burglar entry Rs 3450

    6)Automatic Night Lamp Rs 1550

    And still more....

    We provide the project kit with following features:

    1)A 100% working model with guaranteed output.
    2)Complete Explanation of the circuit

    3) Project Abstract, Circuit Diagrams, Block Diagrams and Flowcharts
    4) Power Point Presentations.
    5) Working procedure of the entire project module.
    6) Documents/Data Sheets related to all the components used in the project.
    7) Also the entire documentation required for project report

    Also we are ready to ship the project kit with all details to your desired location.

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