Antargani 2012 – IIT Kanpur Cult Fest

Antaragni is the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur.

This year Antaragni celebrates the art form of comics. From superheroes saving the world from super villains, to the wit and humour of a Calvin and Hobbes strip. From the omniscient ‘Common Man’ to the adventures of Tintin, Antaragni has it all.

This year Antaragni comes with the Kryptonian spirit of Superman and the juvenile rebellion of Charlie Brown. It honours the legends of caped crusaders and wild phantoms, of obese talking cats and puny Gallic warriors, of freckled American teenagers and talking stuffed tigers…of legends that were guardians of our childhood and the comforts of our youth.

So all you ten thousand thundering toons, from baby faced Tin-Tins to white moustached Chachas, come join the “parade in celebration of the lazy life”, as we raise a toast to our youth and its obsessions, its dreams and its fantasies. Come unleash the fire within, for some fires, like some heroes, never die.