RC Helicopter Shooting Balloons With Missiles airhogs sharpshooter

This is the airhogs sharpshooter shooting balloons.
Its a 2 channel coaxial Infrared Controlled Helicopter.
This means you can make it fly up and down and turn left and right.
It flies forward on its own at a very slow rate allowing you to line up your shot.

It can Carry 2 missiles In its lunch bays, pressing the fire button on the transmitter causes one of the 2 missiles to fire so you get 2 shots before you need to reload.
The missiles shoot about 10 feet.

It cost 34.99 and is sold at places like Toys R Us Target and Wal-Mart.
The package includes the 2 channel helicopter 6 missiles and 3 cardboard targets.

The helicopter flies for 5 to 7 minutes and recharges in about 30 minutes.
air hogs sharp shooter
airhogs sharpshooter