Pervious Concrete Pour at NJIT

The Concrete Industry Management option is designed to train and educate the student in the field of concrete industry by exposing the student to a multidisciplinary program which draws on management and technology to produce a well-rounded graduate who is able to enter a career in the concrete industry. The four-year Bachelor of Science degree program focuses on science, technology, management and production as well as the mandatory university courses in English, history and the humanities. The concrete industry is a $931 billion dollar industry which is eager to employ graduates, who are educated and trained, to manage, develop and own concrete industry businesses.

Students in the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at NJIT recently received certification in pervious concrete, a process that included a morning lecture on the knowledge needed for contractors to manage the material followed by an actual pouring of pervious concrete outside of the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center. Many other students were able to watch the pour as the future barbecue area and event space was being paved for the NJIT community. The program was sponsored by the PCA Northeast Cement Shippers Association.