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  • 9 phrases to avoid on your resume to make your prospective employer happy!

    Candidates sometimes out of ecstasy or nervousness, either may be the case when it comes to search a job, should bear in mind that -- "what you don't say can be just as important as what you do say".

    Here are nine phrases and words to leave off your resume.


    Though this word shows willingness of an individual to make an attempt but when it comes to mentioning it in your profile it sounds a bit off the track. "Try" simply shows a lack of belief, passion, commitment and confidence all the qualities you need to succeed in today's tight job market. While try is the most dangerous word that an employee or job seeker can use in the workplace, there are certainly other danger words that also indicate negativity, uncertainty or controversy at work and can also doom your chances of getting a job.


    The use of phrases such as innovative, team player and results-oriented should be avoided cause these and others have been so overused that they're now seen as cliches and have lost their impact altogether. It would be effective if you'd rather, list specific accomplishments. Instead of quoting "extensive experience", note that you've 10 years years of work-experience. Recruiter or HR sitting their to hire you wants real details of your past jobs.

    Irrelevant Experience

    While applying for a job it is unprofessional of a candidate to mention their high school work experience on their resume. Blunder it can cause since it portrays that the candidate is reaching for items to include on their resume. Instead, include any recent projects that challenged you and include a similar skill set for the position for which you are applying.


    It is recommended to candidates applying for a job to never put an objective on their resume. It is obvious to your recruiters that your objective is to get a job, that's it. People hiring you simply do not care about a job seeker's objective. All what they want to see are your skills and experience.

    Vague Claims

    Being an extrovert can be considered to be a sort of positive attitude but candidates sometimes in order to seek attention use terms such as "Transformational Leader" on their resumes. What on earth did that mean and even we've no explanations of how they were transformational.


    Your desperation to get a job is normal, but as in "I'd love to work for a company" is not at all necessary to be mentioned on resume and/or cover letter. You love your kids, your family. You shouldn't put love on a cover letter or resume.
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