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  • IIT-Kgp under CBI vigilance for departmental proceedings aganist 3 faculty members

    Monday was full of horrendous surprises for IIT-Kharagpur. An atmosphere of discomfort was created since the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) agreed to a CBI report for departmental proceedings against three faculty members of IIT-Kharagpur.

    Sources from IIT-Kgp informed that an order to this effect is yet to arrive from the HRD ministry. They are jittery about the prospect of departmental proceedings against two of the three faculty members. One of them is already director with an IIT, and the other one has got the sanction to become the director of IIT-Kgp but has not been able to take his chair because of the pending accusations against him.

    "I have been quiet all these years, but not anymore. I will resign from all chairs and fight to prove my innocence and the truth behind the murky game that is being played behind my back," said the faculty member cleared for the director's post. At the moment IIT-Kgp neither has a full time director nor an assistant director. One of the deans of the institute, Shankar Shome, has been officiating as director after Damodar Acharya's term ended.

    The situation has raised the hackles of many at the institute since one of the accused has already got the MHRD's sanction to become the next director. "Media reports that the CVC has asked for departmental proceedings against the very person who is slated to be our next director has confused me. Nothing has come to me in writing so I will speak to the ministry on Tuesday to clarify things," Shome said. The third accused is a retired professor who is on extension at IIT-Kgp.

    The accusations against the trio are over a decade old and were being investigated by CBI, say sources. In 2001 Coal India had awarded a project to the institute to train its employees in a software that was christened Coalnet. The three faculty members who were part of the project were accused of outsourcing the job to a software company run by an IIT-Kgp alumnus, going against their brief of secrecy. The trio was similarly accused in the second phase of the project, it was reported.

    CBI had earlier recommended departmental proceedings of varying degrees against the trio. However, the faculty rallied behind the one chosen for the director's post. "He is of exceptional academic brilliance and has helped bring projects worth crores to the institute. He is being victimized by some interest groups," said a faculty member.

    Source: TOI