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  • Hotly-anticipated Apple's "MAGIC" iWatch to run on iOS

    Apple's iWatch have been a mystery for quiet a long time now. We've been hearing rumblings about an Apple made smart-watch product for several years but these rumors gained virality since the start of 2013. Various speculation regarding the features of this new tech acquisition were in the air recently followed by Samsung's altius grapevine.

    Ascertainment about the type of watch it would be have bee rumored regularly. Previously it was called that Apple was working on making a wristwatch and iOS companion out of curved glass. But a few weeks later, patents for a "wearable accessory device" surfaced.

    With the mindset of adding some more features like such as making/receiving calls, caller ID on the screen and checking mapping coordinates. An interesting tidbit that Apple has a team of around hundred product designers working on this iWatch project. According to sources, Apple is looking forward into adding features Focusing on health and exercise makes a lot of sense. Nike, Fitbit and others have made a market for themselves with wrist-accessories that track heart rate, distance traveled and more. Building that sort of stuff into a smart watch would make the accessory even more desirable.

    iOS for iWatch

    Sources adds that the iWatch will run off of iOS, rather than using the touch-OS the company uses for its iPod nano devices. This makes complete sense to us; a true smart watch would require Bluetooth and other parts of the connectivity stack that would necessitate more than a proprietary embedded OS.

    Moreover, Apple has increasingly turned to iOS to power other devices in its lineup. The Apple TV runs a customized version of iOS and the underlying kernel that powers OS X and iOS is extremely adaptable.

    The challenge with iOS, however, is battery life. Sources say that the goal is to get four to five days between a charge, but current prototypes are only getting a couple of days max.

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