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  • Canteen - O - Logy, Canteen is my Classroom!!

    Whether or not one checks out the classrooms in the college, one surely checks out one place...the most important place in the college...the CANTEEN... For people who haven’t experienced this, a canteen is a place to eat...But for people like us, its much beyond is not just another eatery, for us its more about the -


    The best part of my college,
    The noblest thing I’ve seen,
    Is surely not the library,
    Its the college canteen.

    I know attendance is compulsory,
    So, I ensure that I attend,
    If not other lectures, then at least canteenology
    With my bunch – a – friends!

    Who says there isn’t discipline in this class?
    We have to wait for our turn,
    For, if you break the queue,
    Back you would have to return.

    Who says there are no exams here?
    Every day, we are put to test!
    In order to impress the hottest dude,
    We compete to look the best!

    Who says this class doesn’t teach us any engineering?
    To get attention, we don’t give guys attention,
    Since ‘Newton baba’ says, every action
    Has an equal and opposite reaction!!

    We spend hours with someone special,
    Even though we do not get much time,
    After all, its about relativity,
    Don’t believe me? Go, ask Einstein!

    Even after a broken relationship,
    We do not worry or frown.
    After all ‘Galileo-ji’ has proclaimed,
    Whatever goes up, comes down!!!

    College days are now over, and I remember,
    Though I flunked in Information Technology,
    I cleared Physics with flying colors,
    Thanks to my favourite ‘Canteenlology!’
    Aishwarya Sitharam
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    1. Sakshi Dutta's Avatar
      Sakshi Dutta -
      Great...made me nostalgic... :ignat_01:
    1. aaron's Avatar
      aaron -
      Great Canteen area
    1. Mrinmoy's Avatar
      Mrinmoy -
      Awesome Post....
      Really liked it a lotttttttt............!!!!!!
    1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
      [FE].Zatak -
      too good
    1. boxer56's Avatar
      boxer56 -
      awesome......... :Mauridia_03:
    1. aishwarya's Avatar
      aishwarya -
    1. nzkiani's Avatar
      nzkiani -
      Wow....what's an expression
    1. aishwarya's Avatar
      aishwarya -
      thanks guys!!