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  • IIT-K created New World Record, Listed In The Guinness Book

    Techkriti '13 is going to be remembered and cherished for a long time not only for the talks, exhibitions, Papa CJ show and Sukhwinder Singh's live performance but for breaking a world record from the Guinness book and bringing glory to the institute as well as the participants. The record of most number of individuals (1451) solving a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube in a timeframe of an hour at one spot broke on the final date of Techkriti '13 with the new record being set as 1884 solvers.

    Core team of Techkriti '13 had a vision to break the record so they worked passionately for it. A team was formed to plan and manage the event. Workshops were carried out in numerous schools and colleges of Kanpur in order to break the record. Team also campaigned in the hostels to make the residents aware and encouraged them to volunteer.

    The event was to start at 1:30 pm however it began at 4:30 pm as quite a number of people were coming in and making them take a position in a queue, distributing refreshments, putting a band with the participant number and arrangement of video cameras was a time consuming task.

    When the reverse countdown ticked to 0, everybody unpacked their cubes and started solving it. Ones who were expert solved it in a couple of mins and started spreading the algorithms to the neighboring amateurs and intermediates. The participants were not allowed to stand or touch others' cubes, exchange cubes and carry algorithm sheets. Few people remained by the end of anhour and those who left earlier were made to stand in a queue for getting their names registered for the certificates provided by Techkriti and Guinness World Records Organization.

    The news of record breaking came in the evening and we rejoiced that our four hours did not go in vain and also most of my wingies learned to solve the cube.The vision and mission of the Core team was highly appreciated. Participants felt proud of this opportunity and hoped to witness more such events in the future.