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  • Discovering the I within you

    “Did you miss them again!” said Ramona to awestricken sandy, best buddies at college where survival of the fittest is the only option. Sandeep Patel, a typical Gujrati and Ramona Shukla, a flamboyant Punjabi girl met first during an economics class of first semester. Known for his laid back attitude, sandy has been in the radar of faculty members since the college started.

    Despite being ostentatious, Ramona has been best in the league and a favorite amidst everyone in the campus. She is the bright star who is an ideal candidate for any organization. Coming back to the missed stuff, Sandeep, the poor lad, was supposed to pick up the detailed notes of third semester which would have helped them both to be well prepared for the upcoming exams next week.

    Missing important notifications, frequent reminders, postponing critical agendas are among a few misappropriates flourishing in present youth. Already confused, young minds are further tangled by the curriculum, practical, viva & other nitty-gritty of an engineering college. The consequences are pretty visible: young minds get confused, look for alternatives and land up in proclaiming a rebellion against the authorities. This behavior is not new, however, the scale has changed, what Sandeep displays here is a not amnesia but a clear unwillingness to abide to the sacred verse “What you do is what you get.”

    What makes us ponder is how such bright brains land up in these circumstances? The answer lies not in books but in reverse psychology. One must analyze why Sandy has ended up the way he is now. Is it too much dependence on technology, extra privilege from parents, addiction to something unhealthy or just ambience and company? A good friend of mine once said that “If your basics are right you can never go wrong.” Yes, those were the 90’s, for the present tech-savvy generation, basics is a matter of past. One click and you can change the basics, what still matters are the principals. Good education helps clear the doubts that exist in the mind of today’s bright sparkles. Ramona, an intelligent student can help Sandeep to get over his laid back attitude, and I bet she is trying hard too. But in the end it’s an individual’s call how he wants to be.

    With the number of ever increasing institution it becomes hard for bright minds to make a choice and select the option that will help them groom their talent. Majority of them are still confused what they want to do in future. Ideally, first step a young lad must take is to decide what his passion is. If you want to write, then do so, pursue a career in writing by developing your literary and editorial skills. The sooner you confront what you like, the better it is for your career. Sandeep has always wanted to be in media, yet his parents forced him to join an engineering college; the consequences are clear, he is flunking in majority of subjects, has developed a laid back attitude & is attracted to everything except studies. Doing something unconventional is not a crime; it is a matter of time before you realize that what you are currently doing is not what you wanted to do. You love to paint, be a painter, you love to party, get into events, you like arguing with your parents, be a lawyer. Just remember, it’s not the end of the world, in the end “Passion always wins..!” Annunciate your passion and you will sail through the journey of life with ease and beatitude.

    Author: Vaibhav Narang