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  • Jason Calacanis' news app launches using human curation to help show the best reporting

    In the world of news consumption, there’s certainly no shortage of ways consumers can find out what’s going on. Some popular services have emerged, including Flipboard, Circa, Feedly, Zite, and others. However, with multiple publications reporting on the same thing, readers could run into duplication and grow tired of trying to find unique and relevant content. is a company that aims to give readers what they want — content that’s uniquely suited just for them — and today it opened up to the public. Founded by serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, today equates itself to being the “Pandora for news” and says it will deliver “over 1,000 of the world’s most important and fascinating stories each day.” But unlike the major news distribution platforms out there, Calacanis says that all content on will be human-curated and only the best.

    Creating a new atomic unit for content

    At the core of’s app is the notion of a new atomic unit that Calacanis remarked mirrors what Twitter did with 140 characters. Each news listing contains a main image and a maximum of 300 character description. Each one will contain up to 8 facts that are in the story, designed to provide valuable insights to the reader without having to tap or click to read more. The company designed the interface so that each listing will fit snugly onto the screen of a smartphone — but this may not be the case in some listings.