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  • Wondering What a FaaDoOEngineer is?? Here's Our Definition.

    Wondering What a FaaDoOEngineer is?? Here's Our Definition.He is immense- replete with qualities
    And peppered with some follies.
    Riding the chariot of will and fighting the war of life,
    His bow is his courage and arrows his might.

    His sword is his dedication and gives him the cutting edge.
    He is shielded by blessings and armoured by love.
    He dreams to be the king, the ruler of this world.
    He knows he can do it, He is a person of his word.

    He knows of his adversaries with similar propositions,
    But God has to be fair and so gave him competition.
    He gave him anomalies, but also great possibilities.
    And hence he derives the motto of his life-
    " The impossible is possible until life is possible."

    If you believe you have a better definition of what a FaaDoO Engineer is, then send in your thoughts to us!!! The top entry chosen by our team of FaaDoOs will instantly qualify for an interview as a moderator of this website!!!!!!

    Rush in your entries to with the subject line as "Definition of a FaaDoO Engineer".
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      too cool ...
      fabulous super cool engineers
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      very good site
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      I have just started it,seems to be very knowledging
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      bindas engg group
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      thank you so much site is sosos so gooddddddddddddddd
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      treasure of practical knowledge................!
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      thanx faadoo engineer
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      this is awesome.... thanx
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      awesome site!!!!!!
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      this web site is good and useful for engineering students.and its like a father.
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      very good collection of e-books and other study material!!!!!
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      ok........but new innovations r reqd.