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  • Yes! We are engineers. The Most Awesome of the lot.

    Yes! We are engineers. The Most Awesome of the lot.

    Oui nous sommesingeniuers is the French translation of Yes! We are engineers, this story is the result of the torment we had to go through during our 3rd year at Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Gwalior. We had a French course. Well donít get me wrong, French itself is quite cool and I was eager to learn it. But to expect that weíd get a proper course was probably too much from an Indian Institute. Since our French teacher was a visiting faculty, she would take the classes during the weekends, and as if that wasnít bad enough we had to sit there for 6 hours! Well, at least those who were bothered to attend the class had to, although the number kept dwindling till there were merely 4-5 people attending the class. The writer of ONSIís script was among those people, he was interested in the language itself as well as the faculty (FantasiesÖ if you know what I mean). A year later he wrote the manuscripts which were to become ĎYes! We are Engineers.í in its current form, shortly after. From the moment I read the story, I knew I had to make it before leaving the college. And in my final year at IIITM, here we are:

    There might be spoilers from here on, so I urge you to watch the first episode of the series before moving onwards. With ONSI, our vision was to create a typical engineering college environment while making it slightly surreal. So the traits of these characters have been slightly exaggerated, the characters are representations of features that are present in engineering students throughout India. Now these might be very stereotypical if you come to think of it, but sometimes stereotype helps create distinctive characters and I guess thatís what we planned to do with Gus, Koochie, Mojo, Mogambo, Danny and the other characters that will be introduced later on in the series. This is our first attempt to create something professionally, before this everything we created was just for fun. This time we wanted to go a little bit further because I believe if there isnít a learning curve involved in anything you do, than you are not making any progress. And progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged, I know I just quoted a line from one of the most popular franchise ever and for no apparent reason but oh wellÖ Anyways, enough of my rambling, letís talk about something serious: Whatís the future of this series? And What do we plan to do further on? Well as for the future of this serious, we arenít really sure. Since this is our last month at college, so I am not sure if we would be able to finish the series, while weíll try our best the chances are still quite low as everyone have jobs to go to. About the future, well I donít know about others but I can talk about myself. I plan to be a film maker. I know it is kind of odd, an IT engineer going for film making (This reminds me of a Quora post about Indians, we first go for engineering then figure out what to do with our lives).So what about all those people struggling to be in Bollywood? What about the expectations of our parents? Well I still donít have the answer to these questions but what I do know for sure is... If you aren't able to do what you really love doing:making movies in my case, then you'll certainly regret it at some point in your life. So I am not going to take a chance and will probably dump my job offer (well still not sure), Iíll start up with my film making career. Do follow our series! And support us by sharing it with your friends.
    Thank you.
    Rahul Meena
    I3y Creative Studios