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  • Chennai Building Mishap - After surviving 72 hours asked for his lost slippers

    Chennai: At Chennai last Saturday an 11 story building was collapsed, rescue worker has taken out one man alive on Tuesday. Vikas (26) was the man who survived even after 72 hours being down under the collapsed building, he asked for his slippers immediately after coming to consciousness. Rescue worker's has assured him that he would get his slippers soon, further he was sent to hospital for treatment.

    Vikas is from Odissa. At the time of mishap he was at second floor. Altogether 27 people have been rescued by the rescue team. Around 20-25 people are still suspected to be there inside the collapsed building. The building was situated at Porur area, where the damage took place.

    The remains are being extracted by the special team. And the team is still searching for people lying under the collapsed building. On Tuesday when they were searching , suddenly their rescue dog starts barking at one spot. The rescue team immediately starts searching that particular spot and removed the remain overs of the building, after 2 long hours around 11:30 they see Vikas and found him alive. Till 05:00 they struggle to remove the remain over building and take him out alive, further he was sent to hospital for immediate medical attention.

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