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  • And We Are Back...!

    This is what happened to our server late last to last night when a little too many FaaDoOs visited the website.

    Such was our traffic that day that the server on which we are hosted simply CRASHED!! We believe that this is the first time such a scenario has been seen for a website just 25 days old and meant only for engineers.

    We have worked very hard in the last few hours to get more resources on our server to make your website running asap. We are now like this:

    server is back

    Now that we are up again, we hope that you all continue to patronize us like always. And we too will keep working hard to improve with every passing day.
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    1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
      [FE].Zatak -
      nice pictures
    1. minhaj's Avatar
      minhaj -
      i congratulate to each and every person who have work hard to bring this beautiful website to this level.and i think this website will rock in future.:ignat_02::ignat_02::ignat_02::ignat_02::ignat_02::zagruz:
    1. Ankit Gupta's Avatar
      Ankit Gupta -
      This is really a proud moment for the Faadoo Team
      Congo Team !!!
      Really appreciate the work u people are doing.

      Keep working Like this.....bring in more n more new stuffs
      so that Faadoo can crash more n more servers like this.

      Good Luck for ur Future.