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  • wishes you a very warm and hearty Happy Independence Day: Proud to be an Indian, Proud to be a FaaDoo wishes you a very warm and hearty Happy Independence Day: Proud to be an Indian, Proud to be a FaaDoo

    It's 15 August, the day India wins freedom from the Colonial rule. It's a day to be celebrated in a mood of joy and happiness keeping all personal worries and agony locked and aside.

    India will complete 67 years of Independence from the colonial rule and will celebrate it's 68th Independence Day.

    As per schedule of the day the hon'ble Prime Minister of India will host the national flag and addressing the nation from the Red Fort, the historical monument in Delhi. This will be accompanied by a march-past of the armed and police forces. The Prime Minister's address and the march-past are relayed live on national television.

    Similar ceremonies are held in all the state capitals.

    Schools and Colleges also celebrate the Independence Day by first hoisting the flag within their premises. Indians whether residing in India or abroad celebrate the day in the same way being proud to be an Indian by hoisting the Indian flag with utmost happiness.

    Cultural programs will also be conducting in government and non-government institutions in the country. Schools and colleges conduct flag hoisting ceremonies and various cultural events within their premises. As India is rich in culture and heritage, its very colourful and must see event.

    Most importantly there is a tradition of flying kites on the Independence Day. Kites painted with the three colours of the national flag are a hot favorite. Balconies and roof-tops of houses are full of people flying kites and one can hear cheerful shouts of children in the evening as the kites soar in the sky.

    Now the question arises, are we just happy celebrating Independence Day, or what actually Independence means to us? What is our thought about Independence and what we are doing about it? It is breaking the stereotypes of the Society breaking the Social barrier or is it standing for some cause, is it choosing a right path or to do something for the Nation in any field which makes our country proud.

    Let us know, we want to hear from you, what actually Indian Independence means to you.

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