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  • With 4.4 Trillion Frames per Second: It's the World Fastest Camera.

    With 4.4 Trillion Frames per Second: It's the World Fastest Camera.

    Using a technique called motion-based femtophotography scientists from the University of Tokyo and Keio University in Japan claimed to create world fastest camera and it takes 4.4 trillon fames per second.

    Femto-photography is a term used to describe a technique for recording the propagation of ultrashort pulses of light through a scene at a very high speed. A femto-photograph is equivalent to an optical impulse response of a scene and has also been denoted by terms such as a light-in-flight recording or transient image.

    The resolution of the camera is also impressive with 450x 450 pixels and it is 1000 times faster than other camera.

    The device uses a new technique to take high-speed images so it can capture chemical reactions and heat conduction, which were impossible to photograph before.

    The former fastest cameras in the world create images via the so-called 'pump-probe process', in which light is ‘pumped' at the object it's photographing, and then ‘probed' for absorption.

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