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  • Meet Sarah Marquis: The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles ( 3 Years)

    Meet Sarah Marquis: The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles ( 3 Years)

    Meet the Incredible Swiss explorer Sarah Marquis aged 42 who has spent three of the past four years walking about 10,000 miles by herself, from Siberia through the Gobi Desert, China, Laos and Thailand, then taking a cargo boat to Brisbane, Australia, and
    walking across that continent.

    Grown up from a small village which has a total inhabitant of 500 people in the Jura Mountains, right from her childhood she has a fancy of adventure. At age 8 she ran into the woods with her dog and spent the night in a cave. Her mother called the police, but when Marquis returned, her mother didn’t scold. Fighting Marquis’s wanderlust was hopeless.

    In her first trip she travel Aross Turkey riding a horse. On that trip, she ate apricots off trees and slept with her head on her saddle. Muslim women bathed her in warm goat’s milk. In her early 20s she flew to New Zealand and set out on a four-day back packing trip with some noodles, a huge radio and three or four books

    It was on 20th June, 2010 on her 38th birthday that she set out to walk from Siberia through Asia. For the first two years of her journey she had walked 20 miles a day, wearing 75 pounds. Among the things she carried include five pairs of underwear, a large
    pocketknife, wide-spectrum antibiotics, tea-tree oil for massaging her feet, a solar-powered charger, a beacon, a BlackBerry, a satellite phone, Crocs, a compass, a tiny emergency stash of amphetamines and pink merino-wool pajamas.

    Having a strong-willed she fights every obstacle which comes on her path. Seven months into the walk, she lost a molar. Her gum abscessed, and the attendant infection, which couldn’t be controlled with the antibiotics, started moving down her neck, and she had to be evacuated from Mongolia. Marquis returned to the precise G.P.S. coordinates she left and made it to China, where, one day, some children followed her. After which she went to Thailand, crossing Asia she reached Washington last winter.

    Marquis plans to return to northwest Australia in 2016.

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