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  • Indian and Pakistani hackers go to cyber-war

    Indian and Pakistani hackers go to cyber-war

    A cyber-war has erupted between India and Pakistan hacking and defacing over a dozen of official websites from either side.

    The website of the Press Club of India (PCI) in the capital was hacked and defaced, with the hackers' message on the website's home page claiming Pakistani origin. And made fun of Indian PM Narendra Modi. They deliberately left this text on the defaced website: �Our Target is your Government�s Websites � We will Inshallaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers Take You off from The Internet.�

    An Indian hacker group calling itself "Indian Hackers Online Squad" led by a person with alias as ��Bl@k Dr@gon� hacked and defaced Pakistan People�s Party's official website and Pakistan Railways website.

    Since last few days, several official websites of political parties, movie actors and government organizations have been hacked and defaced. Derogatory comments and memes have been shared on these hacked websites, thereby signaling that matters are serious this time.

    Responding to an attack on Malayalam films actor Mohanlal's website, a group called "The Mallu soldiers" defaced the website of Pakistan's National University of Modern Languages. The websites of Quaid-e-Azam Public College in Gujranwala, Pakistan Electric Power Company (Private) Limited and National Manpower Bureau were also among the sites hacked by anonymous Indian hackers.

    Screen shot of Official Facebook page accessed October 10, 2014. At the time of access, the i-Hos had 11,951 likes.

    How long will this be continue? Will this bring any significant change in the relationship between the two nations? Do you think that the things are going well, are hacker doing a good thing, should it be continue, does it symbolizes Patriotism. What�s your call?
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