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  • Top 10 Patakhas: Which cracker to buy for this Diwali

    Top 10 Patakhas: Which cracker to buy for this Diwali

    Diwali is the festival of light and it's among India's most popular festivals. People exchange gifts that traditionally range from sweets, nuts and home appliances to cash and liquor and later in the evening celebrate with crackers locally known as "patakhas".

    Government is undergoing campaigns “Eco friendly Diwali" giving restriction to crackers, explaining the ill-effects of crackers. But who wants, it been a tradition since ages, and will be a little difficult task for the Government to ban crackers in Diwali instantaneously.

    Well, it's a time of rejoicing and celebrating. To celebrate this Diwali with your full heart and at extreme level, here is a guide for you to choose the best of crackers or patakhas.

    List of top 10 crackers to celebrate this Diwali.

    1. Flower Pot Fire-Cracker

    2. 3-D rockets

    3. Thread-Sparkler

    4. Chakari

    5. Rockets

    6. Toy Flare Gun

    7. Bombs

    8. Chain Crackers

    9. Phuljadi

    10. ordinary Crackers

    Hope you will enjoy this Diwali even more memorable than ever. It's a festival of light " Be a Light in the Darkness" Wishing you a very "Happy Diwali."

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