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  • An App Which Can Scan and Solve Math Equations Instantly

    An App Which Can Scan and Solve Math Equations Instantly

    Will it be accurate to say laziness is the mother of inventions. The advancement of science and technology has reached to an extreme level that we human need to do anything but sit and eat.

    Every human act is now replaced by machines and similar equipments, and I canít imagine where this will lead. Inventions are good about but if we are allowing to assist every simple
    task which can be done very easily will make us only dumber and our children will more dumber and knows nothing.

    Well talking about this app, its excellent, everyone will rate five stars for this. Some may even say where it was when they were learning arithmetic or algebra. Such apps were seen only in Sci-Fi movies but now comes in to reality. Can try it see its specialty.

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    1. Sanju...'s Avatar
      Sanju... -
      Oh this is amazing!!!Very interesting .. typical engineer's solution!!!