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  • FACEBOOKED! Social Networking Frenzy Reaches Prison, Tihar jail now on Facebook & Twitter

    FACEBOOKED! Social Networking Frenzy Reaches Prison, Tihar jail now on Facebook & TwitterGuess who is the latest victim to be hit by the social networking bug? It�s the Tihar Jail in Delhi.

    One of the largest correctional Institutions in South East Asia, the Tihar prisons in Delhi have decided to create a fan page on Facebook and an account on Twitter. Mr Sunil Gupta, spokesperson and law officer at Tihar prisons stated that , �The reason behind this step is the transparency we want to create in our field of work with the common man. Our main motto will be to let the public know our method of working and also invite public opinion and suggestions to improve our efficiency.� He further added that Mr Neeraj Kumar, DG Prisons at Tihar jail has decided to launch a page on Facebook and an account on Twitter both, as early as possible. He also quoted that they are doing this to invite public opinion and suggestions in order to improve their performance and also update the masses about their day-to-day activities.

    �Tihar is the most famous prison in the whole of south-east Asian region. It is a role model for prisons in other countries. Through Facebook and twitter, we will inform the public about our new plans, initiatives and also make the users aware about the existing activities being undertaken inside the prison premises. We will invite suggestions, reactions and views from people all over the country,� he said.

    He also quoted the example of Delhi Traffic Police & Maharashtra Police pages on Facebook which they are using actively for successful governance. He also said that success cannot come to them without the active participation and cooperation of the public and that is why they are choosing the e-platform way.

    Even Municipal Corporation of Delhi has already joined the social networking sites for enhancement in their work. The Tihar jail is already involved with several NGO�s giving vocational training to the prisoners, get the production work done and then distribute the returns to the prisoners as per the jail norms. All the products manufactured in Tihar are sold in the market with the same brand name, these are very popular in and around Delhi.

    We at FaaDoOEngineers believe this step to enter the social networking forums is a step ahead to reform and further help the prisoners to become better and productive members of the society. This step definitely leads the inmates at Tihar and the whole of India towards a better tomorrow. What is your say?
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      nice Jail..