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  • 10 Internet shortcuts that can Help you save Time

    10 Internet Shortcuts that can Help you save Time

    Using keyboard shortcut can really help to save your time and also help to complete your work more efficiently but most of the people are not used to it and goes with the long way. There are hundreds of shortcuts for windows which are specially designed to help to ease your work.

    1. Ctrl+N: Open a new browser window.

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    2. Ctrl+R: Reload the current browser page.

    3. Ctrl+D: Bookmark the current page.

    4. Ctrl+B: View bookmarks.

    5. Ctrl+H: View browsing history.

    6. Ctrl+J: View downloads.

    7. Ctrl+F: Find a word or phrase in the current webpage.

    8. Ctrl+T: Open a new browser tab.

    9. Alt+Tab: Switch between open windows. This shortcut opens the Task Switcher.

    10. Tab: Skip to the next field in a web form.

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