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  • iPad 2 Mesmerises One & All | iPad 2 Review | iPad 2 Facts you need to know!

    iPad 2 launched just 2 days back by Steve Jobs has sent the gadget freaks in a wave of frenzy. The iPad 2 is lighter, sleeker, and so much better than its previous avatar. Here are all the specifications of iPad 2ó
    Display: 9.7 Inches | 1024x768
    Weight: 607gm / 613gm
    CPU: 1 GHz Apple A5 Dual Core
    RAM: 512 MB
    Audio: 3.5 mm Stereo audio jack with built-in speaker
    Video: HD (720p, upto 30fps) with video-out support
    Camera: Rear (HD Video) | Front (VGA)
    HDD: 16GB/ 32GB/ 64 GB
    Battery Backup: Upto 9 Hours
    Some Cons of iPad2:
    Limit upgrades in terms of hardware over original iPad
    No widescreen
    No USB connectors. You need adapters for everything
    No Flash support
    So, whatís new? Two cameras, lighter, thinner and faster? Letís see what else we haveÖ


    Letís start with what makes the iPad 2 different. Itís Appleís new dual-core A5 chip, which runs at 1GHz. This brings a huge boost, especially to games, claiming up to 9x faster graphics. The battery remains at an impressive 10 hours (web browsing plus video) as the original iPad. Another neat thing it has is HDMI video out at full 1080p, using a dock adapter. Using this youíll be able to fully mirror whatís on your iPad, including all the apps, just like Apple does at their events.

    ipad 2 dual core

    Outside Ė Smart covers!

    While you can pick from the default white and black iPads, you can also pick from Appleís new cases. These magnetic cases will latch onto the iPad magnetically in a jiffy. They are made out of either polyurethane, or leather on top and micro-fiber on the bottom to keep the screen clean.
    ipad 2 smart covers

    Physical form

    The iPad 2 is thinner than the original iPad, which was amazingly thin and also thinner than the iPhone 4! This one is 33% thinner than the original one, coming in at 8.8mm. There are no new buttons, and the noticeable thing is that in iOS 4.3 you can choose whether to have the lock button on the right used for mute or for orientation lock. The iPad 2 also added front and rear cameras. The rear facing camera can record up to 720p HD video. As for the front facing camera, just like iPhone 4 itís VGA. And fingerprints will be kept at a minimum thanks to fingerprint resistant Oleophobic coating. Overall, itís a nicer, thinner, slightly lighter iPad.

    New Apps

    As expected, with the introduction of the front facing camera, Apple has added FaceTime to the iPad. The unexpected one though was that they also added Photo Booth. Two entirely new apps however are iMovie and GarageBand. While iMovie will be a universal app (or will become), GarageBand is brand new. You can use the virtual screens or plug in your real instrument to it. Thatís pretty awesome.

    Although, there is still some time before we get to see this awesome gadget in India, but till then we can atleast get mesmerised! So when are you buying your iPhone4!
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      :Laie_69::Laie_69::ghz_01: nice info..........
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      akchadha -
      wow gadget! How much is the Price n likely date of launch in India?
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      Sakshi Dutta -
      [MENTION=2178]akchadha[/MENTION]- i contacted one of my friend in the US..she sd d price of ipad 2 is same as ipad around 550$..moreover you can get it in the grey markets at mumbai n delhi!
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      thanks for info.
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      :tatice_06: nice info
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      well i dont think its the best ,ther are other in the market which are better than this like samsung ipads
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      [MENTION=390]minhaj[/MENTION]- well there might be others in the market, but all of them are following the footsteps of iPad! Be it galaxy tab or some others launched by smaller companies..all are trying to replicate the features of ipad only!
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      really nice ipad.........
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      gud One..
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      awesome iPad......
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