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  • Online AIEEE 2011: A paradigm shift - Ace The Online Form Of AIEEE

    Online AIEEE 2011: A paradigm shift - Ace The Online Form Of AIEEEThe BIG-Daddy of Engineering entrance exams, AIEEE is going online this year, here is a quick round-up on the online avatar of AIEEE that will arm you with all the arsenal you need to win this battle!

    AIEEE, as you all know will now be a crazed blur of clicks. Ending months of speculation, AICTE decided to follow in the footsteps of CAT and will conduct the AIEEE in its online avatar this year. Of course, they have given the students an option to take the paper pencil test as well this time; but sooner or later, the online avatar will be the only avatar of AIEEE! So how should you prepare differently for the online AIEEE, does it really have to have a different kind of an approach, keep reading to find all the answers.

    Giving AIEEE Online this year?? Keep READING!

    Computer based test- a ready reckoner:

    • The online AIEEE will be a Non Adaptive Test. Non Adaptive tests mostly resemble the paper-pencil test with the only difference in the marking pattern. An online test might also provide a computer calculated on-spot score unlike the exhaustive OMR sheet filling.
    • One of the ugly characters of an online test is displaying of a single question at a time. When the written exam gives you the freedom to look into any page of the question paper and jump over to any particular question you feel you can do, the online exam restricts this freedom.
    • As the online test has the question on the computer screen, jotting down the values of various quantities to a rough pad may lead to mistakes. On the other hand, you have the questions and the values given in front of your eyes which minimize the chances of flaws.

    Types of questions asked?
    There wont be long questions on the online version as they are difficult to read on the screen. Also, questions with too many diagrams and drawings will be left out in the online test. Expect short, and to the point questions in the online test.

    Skills needed to attempt an online test?
    The online format of exam requires the basics of computer operation. However, in order to be familiar with reading and concentrating on the computer screen for 3 hours at a stretch, you need a lot of online test practice sessions (and not endless hours of Facebooking!) to improve your efficiency and reduce the stress and anxiety and minimizing possibilities of silly mistakes.

    Paradigm shift in pattern, a paradigm shift in preparation methods!??
    The most an online test asks for is practicing as many online sample papers as you can. So, shift your attention from solving the mock test paper in a paper-pencil format to a computer based test. The pattern of taking the test will change and ultimately make you habitual with the computer.

    Exam Duration:
    The online test will be held over a span of few days to accommodate all the test takers. This brings in an extra level of uncertainty to the entire test, as the papers and their difficulty level will vary on each day! Somebody who might be strong in probability might not get even one question on that topic on his day, while someone else on an another day might get 5-6 questions on it!

    The examination environment:
    Online tests as held in air conditioned rooms, provide a perfect environment for the students to think out of the box as and when required.

    Will it shame the CAT!!
    As the year 2009 witnessed the first ever online CAT exam which suffered large scale technical problems and server crashes, the administrators for the online AIEEE exam are now monitoring every problem to keep the exam going flawlessly.

    Since, the new pattern was rolled out a few months before the exam, the idea of change in the format has not gone down well with some. Those who were at the closing level of their preparation might feel cheated and those were not as well prepared as other feel they have been given a second chance to prove their mettle.

    All that the aspirants need is to their focus and simultaneously keeping their cool so as to cross the boulder with ease.
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      I think this time AIEEE is going to be as big a disaster as CAT was when it was first made online :teddie_04: