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  • Cricketers And Engineers: Similar Pressures??

    Cricketers And Engineers: Similar Pressures??
    A humorous take on the pressures that both the Indian cricket team and Engineers have to endure.

    he growing palpitation of the crazy Indian fans before the India-Australia quarter final today can be well witnessed by the repeated flashing news of the praying and preaching being done for the victory of Indian team to get through the quarter finals. The mental trauma of the Indian team could be easily related to that of an engineering student a few hours before his Semester examination. It’s obviously inexplicable.

    The decreasing nearness to the battlefield:
    Butterflies in the stomach can be a phrase fit for both, the Indian batsman as well as the student just stepping out for his “Fate Deciding” exam. The fans cheering for the Indians coming out to play, boost their confidence but still at a small corner of their heart, is the fear of facing tough short balls from the oppositions pace bowlers.

    An engineering Genius enters the examination hall, perspiring and panting his lungs out. Bearing the expectations of his well-wishers, he is under a great pressure to crack the examination. However, the difference between the two is that in a match there are two batsman at a single time while for the exam, there are probably the most of the aspirants sitting in the examination waiting for the question paper of the tyrant professor, to battle it out.

    Facing the first ball:
    The bat, patting against the pitch, and the batsman waiting for the first ball to leave its bowlers hand, his hands trembling with fear. Student sitting on his seat waiting for his question paper to fall on his desk, with his lucky pen in his hand. As the answer sheet is distributed, nervousness starts gripping the examinees. The bowler starts rubbing the ball against the cloth, taking a position to start running towards the batsman.

    Both the students as well as the batsman, waiting for the biggest question, will the first ball give out a six or kiss the stumps?

    Sixes and Wickets simultaneously:
    As the first ball strikes the pitch, the batsman swings his bat with full force and the result everyone sees rolling beyond the ropes. While the bowler, not sitting quietly, tricks the batsman and gets his wicket on the next delivery. As the question paper, rests on the hands of the anxious students, some hit a six, some are bowled and some surrender their wicket in a hurry. The student knowing the answer of the first question gets a confidence boost and the others get a little depressed.

    “Sachin Tendulkar of the examination”:
    Sachin Tendulkar, the synonym of the God of Cricket, with his consistency, tackles every ball cleverly with his wit. Thereby, maintaining and boosting the score through the overs. However, he too gets caught sometimes but has his work done by then.
    Likewise, the topper of the exam, writes his paper as if the teacher had slipped in the question paper into his room, one night before the exam. Going on and on, while others envious of him, wishing for his refill to get finished. He completes his paper and handing his answer sheet to the examiner, goes out with a wicked smile on his face.

    Struggling to Victory:
    With the fast storming balls of Brett Lee, Michelle Johnson and Shaun Tait combined with the famous Australian Sledging makes the Indian batsman struggle to reach the target. Set theory applies at both places. In engineering, it is present as a part of the exam course and in cricket, either the middle order plays well or the lower order plays well or both or none (Can you identify the set theory being applied here?).

    However, Indian prayers seem to work a lot in these cases. The Indian team somehow struggles their way out and come up as victorious.

    With the cruel invigilator grinning at the helpless student, the student is able to pass with flying colours overcoming all the distractions. As the Engineers have it in their blood, the student carries the legacy forward.
    So, here we are with all are best wishes with the Indian Cricket Team, to shoo away the kangaroos.

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      thets true
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      this is currect one
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      All the best to Team India
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