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  • The All New Firefox 4 - Bigger, Better, Fastest!

    The All New Firefox 4 - Bigger, Better, Fastest!Mozilla Firefox 4, in its all new avatar, wows one and all. Are you FF4 yet!

    The latest version of Firefox from the Mozilla stable has set a new standard with an innovative new interface, fast rendering speeds, more secure and an easier to use platform. The geeks at FaaDoOEngineers took it out for a joyride to judge how big an improvement it has been!

    Firefox 4 Quick Facts

    Publisher: Mozilla
    System requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or newer processors that supports SSE2
    Minumum RAM required: 512 MB
    Operating System: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Mac

    firefix 4 new interface

    The Interface

    The Mozilla Firefox 4 sports a clean and streamlined look with a view to simplify the browser maintaining its flexibility. By default, Firefox 4 shows the address bar, a search field, the back/forward/reload/home buttons, the tab bar, and an orange "Firefox" button in the upper-left corner. The orange coloured Firefox button hides all the menu options that you are accustomed to use in the older version of Firefox. Like its other competitors, Firefox has done away with the menu bar and provides maximum importance to the web page being viewed.

    Pinning Web Apps

    Another incredible feature of Firefox 4 is its ability to pin the websites on the tab bar. A Chrome-inspired feature to which Firefox is catching up a bit. Open up any Web app( Web page) in a new tab, right click on the tab, and then select �Pin as App tab�. This will add a tab showing the webpage�s icon on the far left side of the browser. Whenever your web page updates something, the pinned tab will turn blue. However, the browsers have been giving up these features, so it�s a little down siding on the Firefox side.

    Firefox 4 web apps pinning

    The Inside Stuff

    Mozilla Firefox 4 comes with improved JavaScript engine which makes it 3xfaster to its previous version. It also has new features designed for improved page loading and rendering better performance. Its JavaScript tests on the Sun Spider 0.91 benchmark revealed that there may be variation on the mileage based on your system hardware but there is no denying that Firefox 4 is much faster at handling JavaScript than Firefox 3.6. With improved JavaScript it has also made up to its HTML 5 performance.

    Tracking Protection List

    Like IE 9, Firefox 4 has also added this feature in it to prevent sites from being able to track what you do online. When you enable tracking protection in Firefox, it'll use HTTP headers to tell the site that you don't want to be tracked. A simplified way of putting it is that when you visit a Website, Firefox will send a message to the site that you don't want to be tracked. The problem is that Websites don't have to honour this request, thus rendering the Tracking Protection feature useless. Mozilla is working to make this feature an industry standard, so hopefully things will improve with time.

    Firefox Sync

    Users of multiple computers may appreciate Firefox Sync which lets you synchronize your bookmarks, history, open tabs and other settings between multiple computers running Firefox 4. It's not a new feature, having previously been available as an optional add-on for previous versions.

    Firefox Panorama

    Firefox 4 comes with a new tab management facility called Firefox Panorama. When you summon it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E, it shows a view of categorized groups of all the tabs being viewed presently. You can drag a tab out of a group and then add or drag other tabs into it to create a new group. You can also right click a tab and then send it directly to a new group. You can rename the groups as well. You can have different groups, say, your work related windows or your social networking sites. When you click on the tab in a group, you will only see the tabs of that group on the tab bar. You will definitely appreciate the ability to give out thumbnail previews of the open tabs, which will make switching between web pages much easier.

    firefox 4 panorama feature

    What we LIKED!

    Firefox 4 is noticeably prettier and considerably faster than its predecessors. Long start-up times have been banished, and the clunky interface has been swapped for something much more subtle. The tab management is fantastic.

    What we DIDN'T

    The interface isn't quite as polished as compared to that of the rival browsers, and the Mac version just doesn't look right. Where other browsers split tabs into multiple processes on Windows, Firefox is a single-process application. Also, you need to restart the browser after installing add-ons that may be a little upsetting and it also lacks support for popular audio and video codecs.

    A noteworthy improvement from its previous versions Firefox has been performing well in the real world as well as benchmarks thus managing to bridge the gap between Chrome and IE9. Although, most of the browsers today have been in neck-to-neck hustle, Firefox is our preferred pick.

    firefox 4 features

    Download the All NEW Firefox 4 from here:
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    1. Manoj's Avatar
      Manoj -
      Firefox 4 is officially here and I am sure its already downloading at the back if you use Firefox often. In case Its not showing up for you, Go to Help > Check for Update and you should see the notification for FF 4. Another good thing is it will let you know which add-ons will not work with FF 4 and you may skip the download and update.

      And the very new thing about the welcome screen which you will see after the update is complete, is Mozilla asking you to Join the party and asking you to stay in touch about FireFox.

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      I m Firefox lovers and talks about most important security feature called "status bar". But they removed the "Status Bar" in this new version.
    1. rohitjindal_2008's Avatar
      rohitjindal_2008 -
      like it
    1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
      [FE].Zatak -
      much waiting for d final ff 4..
      since d beta release. ff \m/
    1. munish's Avatar
      munish -
      I Like so much firefox...... - FireFox is world most number once browser.:tatice_06:
    1. nasimbinjasim's Avatar
      nasimbinjasim -
      its really great to me