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  • Google is Shrinking the World: Integrated 70 Apps to Google Now

    Google is serving the best to expand its reach, adding new 70 more new Apps to the Google Now. The search engine giant will be providing you the best information to you ever provide the card from these new 70 apps. With the new feature you can now get the needed information about your favorite restaurant to deliver your favorite food or listen to your favorite music and many more.

    To enjoy the feature you will need to update the latest version of the Google App along with the latest versions of apps that you want to integrate into Google Now. Google says you should start seeing the new Google Now cards appearing in your Google Now feed “over the next few weeks.”

    One advantage of the feature is that instead of having to manage several different applications individually, you can now have them send you notifications to one central hub.

    Here is what Google explains about the New Cards:

    • Get breaking news about the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake from ABC News, Circa, or feedly
    • Know when your pad thai is about to arrive with reminders from Eat24 that the food you ordered will soon be on your doorstep, or get inspired with the recipe of the day from Allrecipes
    • Keep your fitness goals front and center with gentle nudges from Runkeeper, Jawbone, or Adidas
    • And if you’re out to dinner, simply tap on a Now card to pay your bill with OpenTable

    Click here: To see the list of 70 third-party apps that will deliver Google Now cards.

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