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  • Google Chrome New Extension Password Alert

    Google has launched a new free Password Alert Chrome extension, the tool will help you track the site where you have enter your account password and gives security password alert at the instant you enter your password at some other place other than your account in Google. The extension is now available in the Chrome Web store.

    In order to enjoy the feature you will need to download it from the Chrome web store and install it. As you install the extension will prompt you to enter your username and password for your Google account, even if you're already logged in. After entering the required information, Password Alert will start monitoring where you enter your Google password.

    The aim of the extension is to secure you information from the phishing websites. Google says that as you install it, Chrome extension saves a “scrambled” version and is stored to verify your identity and isn’t shared with anyone else.

    The source code is at GitHub, and there's a pre-built copy of the server. The main dependency sysadmins need to pay attention to is the Google App Engine SDK for Python.

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