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  • Microsoft Built 2015 at a Glance: Top 5 Announcement

    Microsoft build 2015, which is considered to be one of the greatest conferences in the word, has concluded on May 1, 2015 at San Francisco. As usual the conference commences demonstrating code including that of the third party code demos. Microsoft has also announced its future plans and has also announced many projects that the company will be working. The company aims to bring 1 billion devices to run on Windows in the next 3 years. The following are the mains announcement of Microsoft in the Build 2015.

    • HoloLens isn't Just a Vision:
    • Microsoft Edge The future of Browsing:
    • Android Apps on Windows Phone:
    • Visual Studio on OS X and Linux:
    • A Windows Phone is a Windows PC

    HoloLens isn't Just a Vision:

    Microsoft Build 2015 has discussed more about the Halolens. Micrososft says Halolens isn't not a vission. In the conference the Microsoft has revealed that the Halolens will be able to adapt to the user's environment, plastering apps on walls and other flat surfaces. This will be the first time that the software giant will be working on the virtual reality. As for now the device may be in its way of development but believed to be well developed and fully functional.

    Microsoft Edge The future of Browsing:

    Microsoft has also revealed the successor of the internet explorer and has named as the Microsoft Edge because it uses a new technology called EdgeHTML. The browser will be competing the Google chrome and also said that like Chrome Edge will be a fast browser, a much lighter-weight browser and will make use of Cortana and support browser extensions. Edge will be the default browser of windows 10 devices.

    Android Apps on Windows Phone:

    Well Microsoft has been working very hard about the apps. Here in the Build 2015, it was said that the company will be working on the android apps on Windows Phone. Microsoft has released a number of tools that will make it far easier for developers to port their Android and iOS apps over to Windows universal apps.

    Visual Studio on OS X and Linux:

    Microsoft has now announced that it will be offering Visual Studio for OS X and Linux users, essentially opening it up to a completely new community of developers. Microsoft will be allowing the users of OS X or Linux to take the advantage of Vitual Studio to develop Apps and web projects.

    A Windows Phone is a Windows PC:

    Windows phone will be able to use as the Windows PC. The Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Continuum to allow their phone into an HDMI display, connect a mouse and keyboard, and essentially use the device as a computer.

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