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  • Area 51:A Secret or Rumor?

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    Itís been a controversial topic discussing about the UFOs, and also an interesting topics discussing if UFOís are real and, in fact, foreigners who traveled here in their interstellar Frisbees who now works for the US government - as Chief Scientific Aerospace who died in August, but left behind a maintenance extraordinary deathbed in which revealed his great -level, knowledge of government UFO US program.

    Boyd Bushman has won many patents while working for Lockheed Martin, Hughes Aircraft and several other aerospace companies during a 40-year career. Bushman is also credited, according to some reports; the development of the Stinger missile, shoulder fired a surface-to-air missile which has played a key role in many conflicts over the past three decades.

    Bushman died on August 7, but not long before his death, gave an extraordinary interview that appeared on YouTube earlier this month and has already accumulated more than 1.1 million visits.

    In the video, Bushman said that one of his tasks was top "reverse engineering" UFO secret alien technology for use by the US military. But that even the most extreme revelation offered by the Bushmen in his statement to an end.

    Bushman also shows what it says are photographs of foreigners work and in some cases died within the 51 Military highly classified area, also known as Dreamland, in the Nevada desert about 85 miles north Las Vegas.

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    Founded in 1955 as a testing ground for what was then the best kept secret project of the United States, the U2 spy plane, the so-called Area 51 is now one of the most secret facilities and the most famous military research. The base is more formally known as Area 51, but instead called a National test instrument.

    Due to the extreme secrecy surrounding the "black" technology projects developed and tested at Area 51, the base has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, including theories of UFO conspiracy. The idea that captured the spacecraft and even real extraterrestrial UFO remained at Area 51 is far from new. Sometimes people who claim to be in the region having started 51 showed up to tell stories of UFO research that takes place inside the super secret research center.

    But the revelations of Bushman unique credibility seem to be coming as it did shortly before his death when he seems to have little to gain or lose by telling what he knows about UFO government projects.

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