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  • IIT-JEE 2011 Brings in NEW Technology, Surprises One & All With Its Difficulty Level - Complete IIT-JEE 2011 Analysis

    IIT jee 2011 exam analysisThe IIT-JEE, pinnacle of the Indian Engineering entrance exams was held yesterday in 131 cities all over India in 1051 centres for more than 4.85 Lakh registered candidates.The JEE was held in two parts, viz., Paper 1 was from 9.00 – 12.00 hrs and paper 2 from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs. The JEE widely considered to be one of the most challenging entrance exam throughout the world, again proved that it has not lost its glory and retained its sheen as ever.

    In a surprising move, the JEE, for the first time in its history has announced that the scanned images of the Optical Response Sheets (ORS) with the candidates’ details and their responses (answers) will be displayed on the JEE website after 25th May, 2011. Answer keys to the JEE 2011 questions will be displayed on the JEE website on 15th May, 2011 after completing the evaluation of OMR sheets.

    Members of the team took the challenge yesterday and here is a detailed analysis courtesy their feedback. There were 10 sets for IIT-JEE 2011 "0 to 9". The order of subjects in both papers were the same – Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics

    PAPER I -

    Total No. of questions: 69
    Total marks: 240
    Order of the Questions (for all the sets): Physics(23) -> Chemistry(23) -> Maths(23)
    Pattern of Paper-1:

    • Q.No.1 to 7 – Single Correct Choice Type (7 questions for 21 marks).
      • +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer

    • Q.No. 8 to 11 – Multiple Correct Choice Type (4 questions for 16 marks).
      • +4 for correct answer with NO negatives

    • Q.No. 12 to 16 – Paragraph Type(5 questions for 15 marks). There were 2 paragraphs- one paragraph with 2 questions and the second one with 3 questions. All questions were of Single Correct Choice Type.
      • +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer

    • Q.No.17 to 23- Integer Type (7 questions for 28 marks). Answers were of single digit (ie, 0 to 9) .
      • +4 for correct answer with NO negatives.

    Paper II -

    Paper 2 was different from paper 1 in terms of the total number of questions, type of questions and the difficulty level. For the first time Multiple Answer Type, Integer Answer Type and Matrix Match Type appeared in one paper.

    Total No. of questions: 60
    Total marks: 240
    Order of the Questions (for all the sets): Physics(20) -> Chemistry(20) -> Maths(20)
    Pattern of Paper-2:

    • Q.No.1 to 8 – Single Correct Choice Type (8 questions for 24 marks).
      • +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer

    • Q.No. 9 to 12 – Multiple Correct Choice Type (4 questions for 16 marks).
      • +4 for correct answer with NO negatives. There was NO partial marking as well.

    • Q.No. 13 to 18 – Integer Type (6 questions for 24 marks). Answers were of single digit (i.e., 0 to 9) .
      • +4 for correct answer with NO negatives.

    • Q.No.19 & 20- Matrix Match Type (2 questions with 4 rows each – for 16 marks). There were 4 elements in the first column to be matched with 5 elements in the second column.
      • Each row carried 2 marks. There were NO negative marking.

    Subject-wise Analysis of IIT-JEE 2011-

    CHEMISTRY: Paper 1 - Difficulty Level: Moderate
    (Most of the questions in this paper evaluate the conceptual clarity of the student.)

    CHEMISTRY: Paper 2 - Difficulty Level: Tough
    (Paper 2 was tougher than paper 1. Weightage wise the Physical > Organic > Inorganic formula is maintained. Generally the nature of the questions in Physical chemistry is calculation oriented and hence the difficulty. Also
    complexity of Organic questions made this paper a challenging one.)

    Graphical Analysis of the Chemistry IIT-JEE 2011 Paper--

    iit-jee 2011 chemistry question paper analysis

    PHYSICS: Paper 1 - Difficulty Level: Tough
    (A challenging paper for the students. No representation of Optics in this paper. Major focus in this paper was on Mechanics, for a total marks of 31)

    PHYSICS: Paper 2 - Difficulty Level: Moderate
    (The difficulty level of this paper was slightly less than paper 1 especially the Integer Answer Type.)

    Graphical Analysis of the Physics IIT-JEE 2011 Paper--

    physics iit jee 2011 analysis

    MATHEMATICS: Paper 1 - Difficulty Level: Moderate, easier than 2010!
    (Few questions in Integer answer type require in-depth understanding of the concepts with perseverance in solving problems. Trigonometry had a good representation in the paper; the passage on matrices required quick thinking to interpret and solve the questions.)

    MATHEMATICS: Paper 2 - Difficulty Level: Tough
    (This paper required more calculations in solving than the first paper. Overall, the Mathematics part of IIT-JEE 2011 was less difficuly and less time consuming than that of 2010.)

    Graphical Analysis of the Mathematics IIT-JEE 2011 Paper--

    Maths iit jee 2011 analysis

    Overall, the JEE this year was a balanced and a challenging paper. It would favour those who prepared diligently and built strong concepts! Wishing you all the very best for the results.

    Here is the link for downloading IIT-JEE 2011 Solved Question Paper-- IIT-JEE 2011 Solutions | IIT-JEE 2011 Solved Question Paper with Answer Key

    All the very best!
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