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  • Google Says Avoid Traffic Jam and use the fastest route

    (Image by Johan Larsson,

    Google has updated its map; you can now get more information about the traffic alert giving the full details about the jam of the route or the blockage ahead and also the information about alternate route to your destination.

    With this new feature of the Google map, the users can also get information about estimated time of a particular route and also tell users how long they will have to wait if they stay on a path where a traffic jam has popped up.

    Google has added the new feature Traffic alert to its map so that the people can may need to spend unnecessary time travelling avoid jams while traveling to their holiday weekend giving them information explanations as to why various routes will be faster.

    It is said that Google has used the information and data of last year of the busiest street such as San Francisco and New York to determine the most popular getaway spots for big hubs.

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