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  • TERI University: Targeting a Career in Sustainability

    The purpose of management education is to provide all round knowledge, both theoretical and practical. This knowledge must add value to any managerial decision a person takes in the interest of whoever she or he is serving. However, most institutions only prepare individuals for managing business. In India, management institutions only deal with the organised sector of the economy and primarily- the corporate form of business organisations. The focus is therefore extremely narrow. Management education institutions including IIMs in India had to face a number of challenges in the initial years. Many companies were not open to the idea of management education. A lot of promotional work by faculty, including the introduction of management development programmes, summer internships, and employment for the first few batches in the industry turned things around and prepared the ground that popularised management education. Today, the difficulties and challenges are different.

    The world is grappling with changes in the Earth System consisting of land, oceans, atmosphere, polar-regions, life, planet's natural cycles and deep Earth processes. The changes are not only in the form of natural disasters in different parts of the world but also in the form of deterioration of quality of life on the planet. Impact on the future is going to be huge. The awareness to deal with these changes is slowly spreading across diverse stakeholders including business, government and society; and one such important sector is infrastructure. Educational institutions like the TERI University are fulfilling this role through imparting education for sustainable development.

    The TERI University offers highly focused and intensive two-year MBA programme in Business Sustainability and Infrastructure. Enrolment in these programmes not only provides the right training, exposure and environment to build a career in management or become an entrepreneur but also brings additional opportunities in the upcoming areas of sustainability and infrastructure in different public, private and non-government organisations.

    About the Author :
    Dr. Ritika Mahajan, Assistant Professor,
    Department of Business Sustainability
    TERI University

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