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  • UPSEE 2011 Answer Key & Review! No Surprises HERE!

    The entrance exams for the Uttar-Pradesh Technical University held this weekend threw no surprises at all at the candidates. It was a standard paper with a similar blend of questions as we have seen in the previous years.

    PAPER 1: Physics & Chemistry--

    It was a paper of easy to moderate difficulty level. The onus of the authorities is as usual in testing the speed of the candidates. Most of the questions were repeated from last year papers of AIEEE and UPTECH entrance exams itself!

    Total Duration: 150 Minutes
    Total Questions from Physics: 75
    Total Questions from Chemistry: 75

    The solutions for paper 1 are attached with this review. Links are at the bottom of the article.

    Paper 2: Mathematics--

    This paper also followed the similar trend of last year. It was a paper of moderate difficulty level. Though there were some questions that challenged the concepts of the candidates.

    Total Duration:
    90 Minutes
    Total Questions: 75

    The solutions for both the papers can be downloaded by clicking the attachments below.

    All the best to everyone!
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    1. Saumya's Avatar
      Saumya -
      Hi FaaDoOs! You can continue the discussion on UPSEE 2011 in this thread->

      ATB to all :laie_14:
    1. vasuporov's Avatar
      vasuporov -
      when the new answer key will be published for uptu see 2011 .. only one paper
    1. pjain00's Avatar
      pjain00 -
      Where can I find the UPSEE 2011 paper itself ?