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  • Few Awesome Job Search Tips for Engineering Students

    Just to quote, there are approx 1.5 million engineers that pass out only from India. Needless to mention only few percentage maybe lesser than 20% out of it are employable.

    Job is essential and if you wish to get a decent job you need to act accordingly. Academic qualification and skills are not only parameters that are taken care of.
    Following are few Smart suggestions, which you have to follow if after engineering you wish to land up a good job in a reputed company.


    Academic qualification and GPA is not sufficient. You actually need to analyse and understand, what your skill areas are. Find your strength areas, develop it, enhance it. Recruiters would not be interested in your GPA or College, but a skillful candidate is always preferred.


    Have you tried searching your name in Search engines like Google, Bing etc. What is the search result. Recruiter might try to search you on the web before hiring you, so creating a strong online presence is really essential. It could be your hobby you wish to focus, let's say you are good at photography, so create blogs, participate in photography competitions, submit your photographs in different websites, so altogether your online presence would increase.
    Also make sure there is no negative ting written about you online anywhere, if there is write a mail to the website owner asking him strictly to remove it.


    Facebook is more personal and Linked-in is professional, then there is Twitter and Instagram. Having profile here is great but use them very wisely. Create a smart and attractive Linked-in Profile, try connecting with Senior people, seek their help and mentor ship. Never post anything stupid (Avoid Politics and Religion).
    Today recruiters are looking at your Social profiles and then decide your candidature, so you need to act accordingly.


    Just Forget college internship, those are only done for formalities and getting good marks. Even after graduating, you should look forward for doing Internships in a good firm. You might get placement offer for them, Your skills would increase and your experience would be counted.Any company would preferred a skilled candidate with experience rather than just a graduate.


    There are plenty of websites that offers free online courses. Try to enrol into them, it's free and you can learn according to your available time. Recruiters are looking forward to hire multi skilled people. You need to enhance your skill or you would be left out in the crowd.


    Make sure you are available and active on on leading job portals. Also you need to go to company website (the company you wish to work for), go to career section and then Apply. Yes there would be a long form which would take time and is very irritating at times (same information being asked everywhere in different formats). But this is very essential to stay ahead of the general crowd and being noticed.


    Don't be shy in asking. Ask everyone you know for any job referrals, in today's job scenario maximum hirings are taking place because of reference and referrals only. You might ask many and no one has solution but this habit would for sure get you one good referral or reference and would be your first step towards being hired.


    Internet is flooded with information, at times on our social network we see many updates related to jobs. So you need to be very quick in applying to jobs. Just understand that there is a job for you and you have to search it.


    If you have a number of an HR who is supposed to hire, make a quick call to her/him. Be very polite but take follow up and ask. There is a study that those who prefer to call HR rather than just dropping an email are getting high chances of getting absorb. Even if you receive an email for job and if there is number available, just call and discuss. Calling is always effective rather than dropping an email.

    Hope to see you employed soon.

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