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  • Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account hacked A proof that in digital age no one is safe

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    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account was hacked on Sunday. A hacking community has claimed responsibility of this attack.

    On Sunday Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn and Pinterest account was hacked proving that everyone is susceptible to digital attacks. A hacking group called OurMine Team claimed that they were the ones to hack the account of zuckerberg. The attack was only on LinkedIn and Pinterest account and the Facebook account is secure.

    The group also claimed that they hacked zuckerberg’s Instagram account but the Facebook CEO denied such claims and said that his Instagram account is untouched.

    It is being said that this hack was a result of an incident in 2012 when data and passwords of 100 Million users were released and last month only LinkedIn started invalidating those account. OurMine Team the hacking group also claimed that it was too easy to hack the account for them.

    The incident is a proof that any information on the internet is vulnerable yet there are steps that we can take to avoid being a victim of such attacks.

    1. Make your password really difficult- Be very sure that an easy password like your birthdate is too easy for a hacker to guess.

    2. Regularly update your password- Nobody likes to update their password but this is something that will prevent you from an attack.

    3. Don’t use the same password everywhere- We all have heard of the idiom “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and it applies here. If you use the same password everywhere than it will only be easier for hacker to attack you at various places.

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