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  • AIEEE 2011 Analysis | Easy Maths, Difficult Physics!

    AIEEE 2011 Analysis | Easy Maths, Difficult Physics!
    If after the jolt in the morning, the 11.18 lakh students prayed for an easy paper, then the demand wasn’t all that unjustified! And that was precisely what was in offering as most students found the going easy and ended a rough day on a happy note. A smiling Manjusha greeted her father with a triumphant smile as soon as she came out of her exam hall. Nerves and fear in the morning was now replaced with confidence of bagging her college of choice. And there were many like her.

    Komal Patel, the head of a leading coaching center in West Delhi summarized, “Even though physics was on a tougher side, chemistry and specially maths made the life of the aspirants quite easy”.

    No Differential Marking

    Unlike last year, differential marking was done away with and each section had just 30 questions. A correct answer fetched 4 marks and a wrong one attracted a penalty of 1 mark. The absence of multiple choice questions that carried more than 4 marks definitely made this of the easiest till date AIEEE’s till date. We in fact met quite a few students who managed to finish the paper with sometime to spare.

    Easy Mathematics
    Quite a few questions were straight from the NCERT mathematics textbook of class 11th and 12th and students who had studied them well were certainly having an advantage.

    Testing Physics
    Physics paper was a bit of a shocker with the newly introduced reasoning and assertion type questions. Numerical questions were much lesser & simpler compared to last year and the general perception amongst students was that most questions required the application of just one concept. There were hardly any questions where the student had to apply more than one concept. Out of syllabus questions, one of the biggest pain areas for the last year’s test takers were hard to find this year.

    Easier Chemistry in the Leaked Paper!
    There were also reports coming in from some centers where students had already started solving the paper in the morning. According to them, the second paper in the afternoon was much tougher. Specially chemistry, which according to most students was much easier in the first paper.

    Exam must have been held on 8th May instead??

    Nonetheless, we at FaaDoOEngineers believe that CBSE needs to be much more careful in the future. Such paper leaks lead to a lot of mental tension and confusion amongst the students who are appearing for competitive exams for the first time.
    As Sudhir Yadav, a student of DPS Noida rightly summed it up – “The harassment that we underwent in the morning made the paper even tougher in the afternoon. I hope the nervous energy has not spoilt my chances. The authorities must think about students too. They should have conducted the test next Sunday.

    The debate rages on…..