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  • Steps and stages involved in writing a good analysis

    What do you mean by analysis?
    Analysis is the classification and the division of a problem or an issue and breaks them into parts that are individually small enough to understand. When we analyze a problem, object, people or ideas, we classify and divide them in groups according to similar characteristics to bring some sort of order and simplicity.

    The best way to write an analysis for an essay:
    To analyze an essay is to break and divide it into manageable and understandable pieces. The best way to analyze it is to comprehend the key areas of the essay and then stating the relation between the points and the main topic of the essay.
    Easy steps to follow for analyzing an essay:

    • The topic that you select for analysis must be familiar and of your choice so that you have enough knowledge about the topic to write an analysis. It is also vital to take into consideration the audience for your analysis.
    • Try to make up a minimum of 3-4 ideas to prove your thesis content. These ideas could be developed into points that would become the main body of your analysis.
    • If you have chosen the main ideas, describe them in simple and short sentences. These points can be joined to form the overall skeleton of the essay. Be realistic and make sure to link the ideas and their descriptive sentences in a logical pattern. This helps a smooth flow of ideas in your essay and creates better understanding for the readers.
    • It is helpful to create a thesis statement. It helps you to stick to your topic of the essay without wandering off to other related issues.
    • The introductory sentences should specifically mention your topic of analysis and how you are going about proving it.
    • Avoid adding new facts and figures of your own. This could confuse the reader.
    • As you conclude, state a brief summary bringing forward again the ideas mentioned in the introduction.
    • Finally make sure to go through the analysis with a critical eye looking out for spelling and punctuation errors.

    In spite of the above mentioned specific steps to write an analysis for an essay, there are some common mistakes that can be easily rectified:

    • Just creating a format and adding a summary of the allotted essay is not enough. Analyzing an essay involves inspection of the topic, classifying it into categories and then performing a detailed study on them before achieving a logical conclusion about it.
    • Inefficient quotations can be a killer of a good analysis. Be doubly sure to format all citations.
    • A format for listing the arguments is necessary for a good analysis otherwise you have to face the risk of appearing disorganized.
    • Build your analysis on multiple arguments instead of one or two to make the analysis have a more credible feel to it.

    The above basic tips can be followed to write a good analysis essay. For further information please visit
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