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  • Get A Gen-Next Degree At A US University - Gear Up For Tomorrow!

    Get A Gen-Next Degree At A US University - Gear Up For Tomorrow!
    From real estate asset management to environmental engineering, there is an array of courses being offered in the US that gear you up for the careers of tomorrow

    Ride The Real Estate BOOM!

    The real estate boom over the last few years in India, coupled with the value appreciation of land across the globe has created an opportune moment for mastering the field of real estate and construction. Courses offered in the US in the field are designed to advance learning in real estate finance and investment, real estate asset management, international real estate trends and advanced training in related subjects.

    Students gain firsthand experience as entrepreneurial developers as part of the course work, which gives them the opportunities to meet to real clients and handle projects.

    Where you can study: At the graduate level, courses related to real estate, real estate management, real estate development and construction management are offered at Warrington College of Business ( University of Florida, Gainesville), Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management ( University of Denver, Colorado), Schack Institute of Real Estate ( New York University) and Center for Urban Real Estate ( University of Illinois, Chicago) among many others.

    Rejig The Material World

    Materials science and engineering: In a world where new materials are being used for various product development and use, specialists in material sciences are much in demand. The field of material sciences and engineering provides a core understanding of ceramics, electronic materials, metals and polymers and biomaterials. Specialists in this field contribute by becoming problem-solvers, lending their skills to the technical advancement of society, and to existing systems and processes. A student can specialise in this field at the undergraduate and graduate level.

    Where you can study:
    This specialisation is offered at Stony Brook University ( SUNY), Cornell University and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor among many others in the US.

    Become A Green Crusader

    The world today is confronted with widespread problems related to the misuse and degradation of the environment.

    The need of the hour is specialists who can understand these problems from various disciplinary perspectives, and help contribute to countering or slowing down environmental change. Environmental engineers contribute to this field by specialising in infrastructure systems, water and air quality environmental engineering, modeling of mechanical behaviour of engineering materials, and environmentally sustainable engineering practices. Environmental sciences leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees are often interdisciplinary and focus on analysing the political, social and economic aspects of environmental problems and how to overcome these problems with the ultimate goal of sustainable development and protection of the environment.

    Where you can study: Adelphi University based at New York offers three Masterís level programs with different focal areas of specialisation ó environment and health, global human environment and global physical environment.

    Other universities offering course specialisations in environment and sustainable development are the University of Michigan, Indiana University at Bloomington, Nicholas School of Environment ( Duke University), and Penn State Erie, The Behrend College ( Pennsylvania State University).

    Carnegie Mellon University ( Pittsburg), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( New York) are among the few universities offering environmental engineering in the United States.

    How To Make Business Operations Efficient

    Masterís degrees with a specialisation in supply chain management are usually undertaken by students who get interested in understanding and developing patterns of production and analyzing business processes. Mastery in supply chain helps transform business operations into efficient systems, suited to the competitive global economy. Students may need to take basic business core courses in addition to supply chain management. Topics covered in this area of specialisation include manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and physical distribution of goods.

    Where you can study: Some of the universities that offer this area of study are University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Texas at Dallas and Broad School of Business- Michigan State University ( East Lansing).

    Live Out All Your Technicolor Dreams

    Film studies is another field that is gaining popularity among Indian students. At the Masterís level, MFA programmes in film studies train students in screenwriting, directing, production processes and may be specific to types of media such as television or cinema. Students can opt for a thesis or internship as the requirement for course completion.

    Students in film and theater often have the opportunity to work with film crew. In an MA programme in film studies or in an undergraduate film studies major, students get a unique opportunity to study the history of cinema, evolution and the institutionalisation of cinema as an art, and learn about other forms of media. This specialisation may lay emphasis on theoretical knowledge.

    Where you can study: Some of the universities offering an MFA in film studies are Columbia University School of The Arts, Boston University and Ohio University.

    Some of the US universities offering an MA in film studies are University of Wisconsin ( Madison), Columbia University ( New York) and Syracuse University ( New York).

    ( The information has been provided by the United States- India Educational Foundation.University websites have been used to get detailed information on course content and future prospects for students. The Petersons guide for graduate and undergraduate school search has been used to identify colleges offering specific courses.)

    Article Credits - Mail Today